How To Make Apple and Gooseberry Jam

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Ingredients: Apple and Gooseberry Jam Recipe

Photo of Cider Apples2 lb / 1,000 grams of Bramleys cooking apples (or a similar variety of cooking apple)
1 1/2 lb / 750 grams of gooseberries
3 1/2 lb / 1,600 grams of white sugar (use granulated)
8 fl oz / 250 ml of tap water

Method - What To Do

Wash, peel and core the cooking apples. They now need to be either chopped extremely finely or blended, using a food processor or a mincer. Wash the gooseberries, before topping and tailing them, trimming them carefully to avoid any unnecessary wastage.

Photo of GooseberryPlace the minced apples and trimmed gooseberries into a deep pan and pour on the water. Bring the fruit to a boil and then reduce the heat slightly. Allow it to simmer away for roughly 30 minutes, so that it thoroughly cooks and softens.

After 30 minutes has passed, take the pan off the hob and mix in the sugar so that it starts to dissolve. Place back onto the heat and keep stirring the apples and gooseberries, so that the sugar dissolves by the time that it begins to bubble once more. Simmer for a further 15 minutes and then test the jam's jelling properties, by dripping some on a cold plate to see if it will set. If it does not set, continue to simmer some more and then test in this way as many times as you need to, until a skin forms on the cold plate.

When your apple and gooseberry jam is ready to set, take the pan from the heat and let it cool for 15 minutes. During this time, the mixture will begin to thicken, meaning that the fruit will be better distributed when bottled into jars. Before transferring the mixture into its glass jars (these should obviously be sterile), skim off any scum residue that remains on the surface, for a more professional finish.

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