How To Make Apple and Raspberry Jam

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Ingredients: Apple and Raspberry Jam Recipe

Photo of Cider Apples2 lb / 1,000 grams of cooking apples (such as Bramleys)
2 lb / 1,000 grams of raspberries
4 1/2 lb / 2,000 grams of white sugar (use granulated instead of caster sugar if you can)
17 fl oz / 500 ml of tap water
1 lemon
55 oz / 15 g of butter (use unsalted butter)

Method - What To Do

If you have found yourself with canes laden in raspberries and don't quite know what to do with so much of this fruit, then pick them in before the blackbirds arrive and consider combining them with some apples to make a fruity summer jam.

Photo of RaspberryAfter washing all of the apples, peel off the skins and chop the apples into chunks, throwing away the cores and any pips that have fallen out. Place the apples into the saucepan and cover with the juice of a lemon. Next, place the saucepan onto a relatively low heat and pour on the water. Stir occasionally and bring to a low boil for ten minutes.

Remove the softened apples from the cooker and mix in the sugar until it has all dissolved, being sure not to break the apple pieces. When all of the sugar has dissolved, add the raspberries to the pan and place back onto the heat. Bring to a boil and leave on a rolling boil for five minutes, before reducing to a simmer for another five minutes.

The apple and raspberry mixture should now be well on the way to being transformed into jam and fast approaching setting point. Test the mixture by placing a blob of the jam onto a cold plate and leave for a minute. Then give the jam a little poke to see if it is setting and forming a skin. If so, it is ready to cool down - if not, then carry on with the simmering and test again in three to five minutes' time.

When you have removed the raspberry mix from the cooker, skim off the worst of any scum and mix in the knob of butter to disperse the rest. Leave to cool for at least ten minutes, so that the fruit will be more evenly suspended in the jam jars. Spoon or ladle your fresh apple and raspberry jam into sterile jars that have either just been boiled or baked in an oven (according to the heat-resistance of the jars).

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