How To Make Apricot Jam

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Ingredients: Apricot Jam Recipe

Photo of Apricots2 lb / 1,000 grams of apricots
2 lb / 1,000 grams of white sugar
8 1/2 fl oz / 250 ml of tap water
1 small lemon
1/2 oz / 15 grams of butter or margarine

Method - What To Do

It is important to use ripe apricots in this recipe, so that they can be easily stoned.

Cut the apricots in half, to remove the stone in the centre. Continue to slice the halves, creating small cubes of the desired size. Place the diced fruit into a large saucepan, adding the sugar and water. Before you turn on the heat, first juice the small lemon and pour into the mixture, lightly stirring.

Position the saucepan on a low heat and stir or shake occasionally, to help the sugar completely dissolve and create a syrup-like mixture. As soon as the sugar has vanished in its entirety, turn up the heat so that the syrup begins to boil. It is important that you continue to periodically stir the apricots, to prevent anything burning at the bottom of the pan.

After 15 minutes, the apricot jam should be reaching its setting point. This can be tested by spooning a little of the mixture onto a chilled plate and seeing if wrinkles form when the surface is touched. If the preserve has not yet reached this stage, return it to the heat, boil for a few minutes more and repeat this setting test.

Allow the newly created apricot jam to cool for around ten minutes and then transfer the mixture into freshly sterilised jars, topping with wax-covered discs. Face the wax side downwards to allow the wax to melt and create an effective double seal once the lid has been screwed on.

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