How To Make Apricot and Carrot Jam

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Ingredients: Apricot and Carrot Jam Recipe

Photo of Apricots7 oz / 200 grams of carrots
1 1/2 lb / 750 grams of fresh apricots (or slightly less dried apricots that have been previously soaked)
1 lb / 500 grams of white sugar (granulated)
10 fl oz / 300 ml of tap water
1 tablespoon of grated fresh ginger
1 medium-sized lemon

Method - What To Do

The addition of a small handful of chopped almonds at the end of this recipe can only serve to enhance the flavour, adding a little crunch to the jam.

Photo of CarrotsWash and peel all of the carrots, before grating them into a saucepan. Pour on the measured-out water and then simmer the grated carrot (with a lid on the saucepan) for around 20 minutes, stirring a little as it cooks down. After this time has passed, there should only be a small amount of liquid remaining in the pan. If this is not the case, simmer for another five minutes without the lid and stir occasionally.

Wash the apricots and cut them into halves, removing the stones and placing the halves with the cooked carrots. Simmer the apricots for five minutes, again with the saucepan lid on, and then add in the grated fresh ginger. Remove the saucepan lid and continue to simmer for ten minutes, to reduce the juices running from the apricots as they cook.

Take the pan off the stove heat and squeeze over the juice of one lemon. Tip in the 1 lb of sugar and place the pan onto a low heat, mixing thoroughly until all the sugar has dissolved. Once the sugar has been completely incorporated with the apricots and carrots, turn up the heat and start to boil the jam. Boil for ten to 15 minutes, stirring to prevent it catching on the pan's sides and bottom.

When you feel that a jelly consistency has been reached, spoon a small quantity onto a cold plate to see if it will begin to set within a minute. Tilt the plate a little and if the jam remains runny, rather than staying together in one place and looking like a soft jelly, you should boil a little longer and test as many times as you need to, until you know that a decent setting point has finally been obtained.

Skim the jam, to eliminate any scum, and leave it to stand for 15 minutes, so that its consistency becomes a little thicker, meaning that the chunks of apricot and grated carrot will be more evenly spread within the set mixture. After this time, spoon into glass jars as per usual, making sure that the jars are still hot after being fully sterilised by either boiling or baking just beforehand - for ten to 15 minutes.

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