How To Make Blackberry Jam

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Ingredients: Blackberry Jam Recipe

Photo of Blackberries4 lb / 1,800 grams of freshly picked blackberries
4 1/2 lb / 2,000 grams of white granulated sugar
10 fl oz / 300 ml of tap water
1 lemon
1 tablespoons of butter (unsalted)

Method - What To Do

This recipe for blackberry jam (bramble) is not only extremely delicious, but it is also really quite foolproof. All that is needed is some quality ingredients and a little in the way of patience.

If possible, do not wash the bramble fruit, to avoid adding unnecessary water to the mixture. If the blackberries have to be washed, then make sure that they are properly dried first before combining with the other ingredients, or reduce the amount of water accordingly.

Add the blackberries and water to a large, clean saucepan and gently mix in the white sugar. Squeeze in the juice of one lemon and add the pan to a low heat. If you would like to prevent any small pieces of fruit remaining in the final jam, you can mash the blackberries first.

Gradually bring the jam mixture to a slight simmer, mixing well to both fully dissolve the sugar and prevent it 'catching' on the bottom of the pan. Once you are sure that no trace of sugar crystals remain in the mixture, increase the heat so that the bramble syrup begins to boil.

Lower the heat and simmer the jam for around 15 minutes, so that it begins to thicken. Stir well throughout this period. Test a small spoonful of the mixture on a cold plate to see if the setting point has been reached. If so, the mixture will quickly form a noticeable skin and wrinkle when pressed with a finger. If the jam isn't yet ready to set, continue simmering the mixture and repeat this basic setting test accordingly.

Remove the bramble jam from the heat and spoon off any scum that has appeared. Mix in the butter, which will ensure that any traces of remaining scum quickly vanish. Leave the blackberry mixture to cool for around 15 minutes and then transfer into glass jars - these should have been thoroughly cleaned and sterilised in advance.

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