How To Make Blackcurrant and Whitecurrant Jam

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Ingredients: Blackcurrant and Whitecurrant Jam Recipe

Photo of Blackcurrants2 1/2 lb / 1,150 grams of blackcurrants
2 1/2 lb / 1,150 grams of whitecurrants
6 lb / 2,700 grams of white sugar (not caster sugar)
47 fl oz / 1,400 ml of tap water

Method - What To Do

Harvest your blackcurrants and whitecurrants so that they are nice and fresh. Alternatively, thaw out some berries that you have picked and previously frozen. Pick off any stalks or leaves, and then place the mixed currants into a deep saucepan. Pour on the water and bring the fruit to boiling point. Allow the currants to boil for around 15 minutes, so that the skins have started to soften and become more tender.

Photo of WhitecurrantsBriefly take the saucepan off the heat and stir in the sugar. Keep stirring the mixture until all of the sugar has well and truly dissolved. Return the currants to the heat and then allow them to boil strongly for ten minutes, stirring as much as is necessary to stop the jam mixture catching on the pan's bottom. By now, your blackcurrant and whitecurrant jam should have reached a reliable jelling point.

Check for its ability to set by taking the pan off the cooker, spooning a small amount onto a plate (chilled ahead in a freezer or a cold refrigerator) and then leave for roughly 60 seconds or thereabouts. After this time, the jam should have started to solidify and form a skin. If this is not happening, simmer a little longer and then test on another cold plate. Repeat this sequence of further simmering and testing until you have found the jam's setting point.

Leave the mixture to thicken and cool for ten or 15 minutes, skimming off any troublesome foam or scum. If the scum is proving difficult to remove in its entirety, stir in a tiny amount of butter, since this will help it to quickly disperse. Finally, transfer your mixed currant jar to its new home - sterilised glass jars.

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