How To Make Cherry and Pineapple Jam

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Ingredients: Cherry and Pineapple Jam Recipe

Photo of Black Cherries6 lb / 2,700 grams of cherries
1 medium-sized pineapple
5 lb / 2,300 grams of white sugar

Method - What To Do

Wash all of the cherries, removing any stalks and the stones. Place the pitted cherries into a saucepan. Peel the pineapple and shred the flesh, using a coarse grater. Add the pineapple to the pan and then place on a medium heat, simmering for roughly 30 minutes or until the fruit has become tender.

Photo of PineappleTake the pan off the heat and stir the sugar into the cherries and pineapple. Keep stirring the mixture until the sugar crystals have been fully incorporated and dissolved into the juices. Place the pan back onto the cooker and bring to a rolling boil, leaving the mixture to boil for roughly 20 minutes. Stir every minute or two to prevent the jam sticking on the saucepan's base.

Your freshly cooked cherry and pineapple jam should now be ready for jelling. Test its setting properties by dripping a tiny quantity onto a plate that has been chilled. If the jam begins to set and gains a skin that wrinkles when touched, you will know that it has reached its important setting point. Otherwise, place it back on the heat, simmer some more and then test again, until it is ready to set as jam.

After leaving the syrupy mixture of cherries and pineapple to cool down for 15 minutes, to thicken and therefore prevent the fruit floating in the jar (being ultimately better suspended when set), skim off any scum that is left on the surface. Spoon the mixture into glass jars that are clean and sterile, topping with circles of wax paper faced downwards.

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