How To Make Cherry and Redcurrant Jam

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Ingredients: Cherry and Redcurrant Jam Recipe

Photo of Black Cherries2 lb / 1,000 grams of ripe cherries
1 lb / 500 grams of redcurrants
3 lb / 1,300 grams of white granulated sugar
4 fl oz / 125 ml of tap water

Method - What To Do

Wash all of the cherries and remove their stones. If you find this pitting process very time-consuming, you may like to invest in a cherry pitter device, available from all good kitchen shops. Place the stoned cherries into a large saucepan.

Photo of RedcurrantsRinse the redcurrants and pick off any remaining stalks. Combined with the cherries in the saucepan and pour on the water. Simmer the cherry and redcurrant mixture for around half an hour (30 minutes), to fully soften the fruit.

Briefly remove the saucepan from the cooking hob and then stir in the granulated sugar. Mix well until all of the sugar crystals have perfectly dissolved and then return the saucepan to its heat. Boil and stir for around ten minutes, so that the jam achieves a reliable jelling consistency and setting point.

Test the cherry and redcurrant mixture to confirm that it is indeed ready to set as a firm jam. Do this by dripping some onto a chilled plate. After 60 seconds, see if it is beginning to set, complete with a skin and jelly like appearance, particularly when touched. If you find that this is not happening, then simmer some more and test once again, and possibly again, until you are completely sure that you have achieved a good setting consistency.

Remove the saucepan from the heat, skim the surface to eliminate any scum, and then cool for 15 minutes, so that the jam thickens. This has the advantage that the cherry pieces will be more evenly distributed in the jars, whereas, if the jam is still hot and runny, they may float and gather at the top. After the mixture has started to thicken, it can be spooned into the glass jars, which should have been prepared by sterilising them thoroughly just before.

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