How To Make Fig Jam

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Ingredients: Fig Jam Recipe

Photo of Figs2 lb / 1,000 grams of ripe, soft fresh figs
1 lb / 500 grams of white sugar
1 vanilla pod
1 teaspoon grated cinnamon
1 lemon

Method - What To Do

Trim all of the fresh figs and roughly chop them into small pieces before adding to a large saucepan. Combine with the sugar, grated cinnamon and the juice of one lemon, along with the vanilla pod.

Add the pan to a low heat and gently cook the mixture for at least 45 minutes (or possibly longer), so that the fruit will begin to soften. Put a lid on the saucepan and stir the mixture periodically, so that the sugar starts to dissolve and doesn't burn on the bottom. It is important to be patient and cook the figs on nothing more than a low heat for this period, until they begin to look 'sticky' in their appearance.

Remove the pan from the cooker, take out the vanilla pod and mash the cooked figs with a fork, to create a relatively uniform consistency. If there are any remaining lumps, these can be chopped using a pair of scissors. Test the mixture to see if it is starting to set, by placing a small amount on a plate that has been chilled in a freezer.

If the fig jam is not yet able to set, simmer it for a further five minutes to reduce the liquid content (without the saucepan lid) and test in this way again, repeating this step as many times as necessary until a good gel-like set has been achieved. The jam can be immediately transferred to hot, sterilised glass jars and cooled. It is important to add the wax discs while the preserve is still hot, so that the wax can melt with the heat and create a good seal to prevent any possible future mould occurring.

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