How To Make Four Fruit Marmalade

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Ingredients: Four Fruit Marmalade Recipe

Photo of Oranges2 sweet oranges
2 large lemons
1 grapefruit
2 cooking apples
70 fl oz / 2,100 ml of tap water
4 lb / 1,800 grams of white sugar (approximately - use granulated for all jam and marmalade recipes until otherwise specified)

Method - What To Do

Wash all of the fruit and scrub the skins of the citrus fruit, to remove any wax. Cut the two oranges into halves and squeeze the juice into your jam making pan, saving any pips. Do the same with the lemons and the grapefruit. Peel, core and chop the apples, saving the skins and cores), or alternatively, blend or mince up the apple flesh in a food processor or hand mincer. Add the apples into the pan and mix to combine with the citrus juices.

Photo of LemonsFinely shred all of the citrus peel, taking time to make these shreds nice and thin. Next, place all of the saved pips, the apple skins and the apple cores into a muslin bag and tie the top. Add this muslin bag of leftovers to the saucepan (these will boost the pectin levels), together with the shredded lemon, orange and grapefruit skins. Finally, pour in the measured tap water (roughly 4 1/2 pints). Bring this marmalade mixture to a quick boil and leave to simmer for roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes. After this time, the citrus peel will have become soft and the flesh of the fruit will be pulpy.

Measure the volume of your hot marmalade mixture using a glass jug. For each pint that you have, add in 1 lb / 500 grams of white sugar, stirring this in well to make it dissolve more quickly. Boil your four fruit marmalade for 20 minutes, on a relatively strong heat, and stir well during this final stage of the cooking.

Photo of GrapefruitsBy this time, you can be confident that your marmalade will be able to set like a typical jam. However, you should test this by placing some onto a saucer (chilled earlier). After a minute or so, run a finger over this marmalade sample. If it is beginning to resemble a jelly, with a skin that wrinkles, it will set well in the jars. If this is not so, then boil some more and test again in five minutes.

When your four fruit marmalade is ready to set, take the saucepan off the cooker, skim off any impurities that have risen to the top and formed a scum, and then leave it to cool a little. After 15 minutes, the marmalade will have started to become thicker and this means that the pieces of lemon, orange and grapefruit peel won't be so likely to float in the jars. Mix and then bottle into sterile glass jars in the usual jam making way, ready to enjoy on toast the following morning at breakfast time.

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