How To Make Gooseberry Curd

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Ingredients: Gooseberry Curd Recipe

Photo of Gooseberry3 lb / 1,300 grams of gooseberries
1 1/2 lb / 750 grams of caster sugar
12 fl oz / 350 ml of tap water
1/4 lb / 125 grams of butter
4 eggs

Method - What To Do

Wash and prepare all of the gooseberries, 'topping and tailing' them. Place them into a saucepan with the water and cook this fruit for around 20 minutes or thereabouts, until it has softened and started to become a little 'mushy' in its appearance.

Take your pan off the heat and then strain your gooseberry mixture through a sieve and into a bowl, to extract all of the juices and the puree. Do this by rubbing the fruit through the sieve with a spoon. Ideally, you should be left with a good quantity of gooseberry puree in the bowl, and just the skins and seeds in the sieve. Scrape the underside of the sieve to make sure that none of this important puree goes to waste.

Place the strained gooseberry sauce into a glass bowl and add the sugar, the butter and the four eggs. Boil some water in a saucepan until it reaches a gentle simmer and place the bowl of gooseberry curd mix on top of the saucepan, so that it begins to warm up and 'cook' in the heat of the steam. Whisk the mixture as it gradually warms up. It is important that the water underneath the glass bowl does not boil strongly, as it may make the eggs start to scramble a little, creating an 'eggy' flavour and a lumpy curd.

After around 15 to 20 minutes, you will have a thickened mixture in your bowl and your gooseberry curd will be ready to transfer into glass jars (these must always be thoroughly sterilised).

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