How To Make Grapefruit Marmalade

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Ingredients: Grapefruit Marmalade Recipe

Photo of Grapefruits2 1/2 lb / 1,150 grams of grapefruit
3/4 lb / 350 grams of lemons
5 lb / 2,300 grams of granulated sugar (white sugar, not brown)
80 fl oz / 2,350 ml of tap water

Method - What To Do

Rinse and wipe over the grapefruit and the lemons. Chop them all in half and remove the pips, placing these in a muslin bag to boost pectin levels. Squeeze all of the juice into a saucepan and finely slice all of the peel into shreds, discarding the pith. Add the pith into the muslin bag and tie the top tightly, before placing both the muslin bag and the shredded skin into the saucepan of juice.

Photo of LemonsPour over the 2,350 ml (approximately five pints) of water and then bring the marmalade mixture to a long and gentle simmer lasting around two hours. At the end of this initial cooking, the pith and rind should be soft, and the overall volume of the pan reduced to around half of its original amount.

Briefly remove the pan from the stove heat and take out the bag of pips. Tip in the white sugar and keep stirring until the sugar vanishes into the juice. When completely dissolved, bring the grapefruit marmalade to a strong boil and test for jelling after roughly ten minutes of boiling. Do this by dropping a spoonful of the marmalade syrup onto a plate (recently chilled).

If it starts to set within a minute, forming a skin that wrinkles when touched, as opposed to staying runny, you will know that your marmalade has found its setting point. If this doesn't happen, boil for five minutes longer and test another sample, and carry on with this cycle until it sets perfectly on the cold plate.

After cooling your fresh and hot grapefruit marmalade for 15 minutes, so that it starts to thicken up (this will result in a more even distribution of the grapefruit and lemon shreds in the jam jars), skim the surface. Finally, ladle into your hot and sterile jars. These could have been sterilised by either oven-baking, boiling or washing in a hot dishwasher.

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