How To Make Kumquat Marmalade Jam

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Ingredients: Kumquat Marmalade Jam Recipe

Photo of Kumquats30 kumquats
1 large orange
2 lemons
2 lb / 1,000 grams of white granulated sugar
47 fl oz / 1,400 ml or tap water (of orange juice with 'bits' if you would like to add an extra burst of 'orangey' flavour to the recipe)

Method - What To Do

Wash and scrub all of the citrus fruit, and then thinly slice the kumquats. Cut the orange into quarters and slice these so that they end up similar in size to the kumquat slices. Discard all the seeds, and then place the sliced kumquats and orange into a large jam making saucepan. Pour in the water and leave this marmalade mixture to stand for three or four hours, or possibly overnight.

Bring the kumquats to a strong boil and then leave to simmer away for roughly an hour, or until all of the peel has become soft and translucent in its appearance. After this intense period of cooking, remove the pan from the cooker and mix in the sugar, together with the juice of two lemons.

Keep mixing well until the sugar has dissolved and then bring the kumquat marmalade back to the boil. Continue to boil for ten minutes and then begin to test for jelling. This is easy to do by using a chilled plate. Spoon a small portion of the marmalade onto the plate and after a minute, tilt it to see if it runs or is starting to set. Run your finger through the marmalade to check if a skin has formed. If it remains runny and without a skin, then boil for a little longer and carry out these tests again, until you feel that it is ready to set.

Take the pan off the heat for its final time and then skim off any scum or foam that is sitting on the surface. After cooling for a few minutes, ladle the hot, fresh kumquat marmalade into your sterile jam jars, adding waxed discs before screwing on the lids and leaving to set, ready to eat the following day.

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