How To Make Lavender Jelly

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Ingredients: Lavender Jelly Recipe

Photo of Lavender34 fl oz / 1,000 ml of tap water
1/2 cup of lavender flowers (dried flowers)
1 large lemon
1 or 2 sachets of commercial pectin (follow instructions on the packet)

Method - What To Do

Add the water to a saucepan and bring this to a boil, before turning off the heat. Tip in all of the dried lavender flowers and allow this hot water to stand for around 20 to 25 minutes, so that the flowers impart their flavour and fragrance. Strain the liquid and discard all of the soaked flowers.

Add the juice of one large lemon and all of the sugar, stirring until the sugar has fully dissolved into the jelly mixture. Return the pan to the cooker hob and then bring the lavender flower mixture to a boil for around five minutes, stirring during this period. Take the pan off the heat briefly and stir in the dried pectin. Return to the boil for up to five minutes, following the instructions for the pectin (these can vary according to make).

Take your jelly mixture off the cooker heat and skim off any froth that has collected on the surface. If you feel the need to test for jelling, use a chilled spoon and dip this into the jelly to see if it begins to set within a minute or so. If not, boil for a little longer.

Pour your hot lavender flower jelly into sterile glass jam jars and top each of these with a circle cut from waxed paper. These discs should be placed with the wax side facing downwards, so that the wax melts and seals the top. As soon as the wax discs are in place, screw on the lids tightly and leave your jelly to set somewhere cool.

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