How To Make Loganberry Jam

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Ingredients: Loganberry Jam Recipe

Photo of Loganberries4 lb / 1,800 grams of fresh loganberries (use slightly underripe fruit if at all possible)
4 lb / 1,800 grams of white granulated sugar
1/2 oz / 15 grams of butter or margarine

Method - What To Do

Spend as much time as necessary inspecting the fruit, removing all pieces of stem, stalks, leaves and debris. Do not wash the loganberries, so that they remain as dry as possible, meaning that no unnecessary water will be added to the jam mixture.

Place the pan of fruit on a low heat and gradually cook for five minutes or thereabouts, so that the loganberries are just beginning to soften. Do not stir, as this will start to break the fruit into pieces. At the same time, tip your sugar into an ovenproof glass bowl and warm in a pre-heated oven (180°C / 355°F) for no more than 15 minutes, so that it warms through. Keep an eye on the sugar, so that it does not stick or begin to burn.

Add the hot sugar to the cooked loganberries and lightly stir the mixture, allowing it to simmer for up to 15 minutes, until all of the sugar has been completely dissolved. If you are unsure whether or not any sugar crystals remain in the mixture, dip a wooden spoon into the syrup and check the consistency of the liquid, to see if any crystals are visible.

Once you are sure that there are no sugar crystals still present within the mix and that it has all dissolved successfully, turn up the heat so that your loganberry jam begins to boil and leave for up to ten minutes. Test the consistency on chilled plates until you reach 'setting point'. If any scum remains on the surface, stir in the butter, as this will help the scum to disperse and vanish into the preserve.

Allow the mixture to cool for between ten and 15 minutes, before transferring to sterilised jars. It is important to let the mixture cool in this way, so that the fruit doesn't settle at the bottom of the jar, or rise to the top.

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