How To Make Mango Jam

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Ingredients: Mango Jam Recipe

Photo of Mangoes10 to 12 medium-sized ripe mangoes
1 3/4 lb / 800 grams of white sugar
2 lemons

Method - What To Do

There are very few ingredients for this recipe, just mangoes, lemons and sugar, and so it is really a very easy jam for beginners.

Peel all of the mangoes and place each fruit into a saucepan, without cutting them up at all, and discard all of the skins. Chop the two lemons in half and add these to the pan, along with the sugar.

Photo of MangoesSlowly heat up the saucepan and keep stirring, to encourage all of the sugar to dissolve before the pan starts to boil. As the mangoes warm up and begin to cook, they will release their juices and quickly soften. Simmer the jam mixture for around half an hour (30 minutes), and stir well during this time, to help the fruit break down and stop it sticking.

After this time, your mangoes should have separated from their stones. Fish out all of the mango stones (these should be relatively clean and just contain minimal stringy bits of mango) and also the halves of lemon. Cook a little longer if the mangoes are not yet soft enough. By now, your jam should be ready to thicken and set. Test its jelling capacity by spooning some onto a cold plate. It will be quite obvious if it starts to set after a minute, particularly if you angle the plate to see if the jam runs. Run a fingertip through this test portion and if it shows that it has formed a skin, you will know that the cooking time is up. If not, boil for a little longer and then carry out this test again.

Cool the mixture down for ten minutes or so and mix in a teaspoon of butter, to disperse any floating scum. Then spoon the hot mango jam into its glass jars. These jars should have just been washed and then either boiled or baked in an oven, so that they are thoroughly sterilised.

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