How To Make Peach and Raspberry Jam

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Ingredients: Peach and Raspberry Jam Recipe

Photo of Peaches2 lb / 1,000 grams of peaches
2 lb / 1,000 grams of raspberries
3 lb / 1,300 grams of white sugar (try to use granulated if you can, instead of caster sugar)
4 fl oz / 125 ml of tap water

Method - What To Do

Wash and peel all of the peaches. This is most easily done by scoring a light cross in each base and then soaking them in freshly boiled water for no longer than a minute. This quick 'blanching' will loosen the skin and therefore make them much easier to peel. Start peeling off the skin from the corners formed by the cross and you will find that they come off easily, in whole pieces.

Photo of PeachesAfter peeling the peaches, chop them into pieces and remove the stones. Crack all of the stones (with a rolling pin, nutcracker or sharp knife) and then extract the kernels. These can be used to provide a subtle almond flavour to the jam. Place the chopped peaches and their kernels into a large pan and mix in the raspberries. Pour over the water and cook for around 15 minutes, until the peaches and raspberries have become tender.

After the 15 minutes of simmering has passed, take the pan away from the heat and stir in the white sugar. Keep stirring until all of the sugar has dissolved and been thoroughly absorbed into the fruit juices, and return the pan to the heat. Boil this fruit jam mixture for ten minutes, stirring during this time to prevent any burning problems on the pan base, and then test for its jelling potential.

Photo of RaspberryJelling is most easily tested for by using a cold plate - preferably one that was placed in a freezer at the start of the jam making session. Spoon some of the mixture onto this cold plate and leave for no longer than 60 seconds. When it has become firmer, with a jelly like consistency to the touch and a noticeable thin outer skin, you will know that your jam has the ability to set properly. If this is not happening, simmer for a further five minutes and test again, repeating this simmering and testing cycle as many times as you need to until the setting point has been found.

After taking the saucepan off the heat for a final time, leave it to cool and thicken for 15 minutes or so. This will help the fruit be more evenly dispersed within the final jam, rather than floating to its surface when hotter and runnier. Before you spoon the jam into its glass jars (these must always be completely sterile), skim off any foam that remains on the surface, for a more professional-looking result in the jars.

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