How To Make Sloe Jam

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Ingredients: Sloe Jam Recipe

Photo of Sloe1 lb / 500 grams of sloes
2 lb / 1,000 grams of cooking apples
3 lb / 1,300 grams of white sugar (use granulated sugar when making jam, unless caster sugar is specified)

Method - What To Do

If you have just picked a bowlful of sloes, it is most likely that you will first think of making gin. However, when combined with apples, they can be used to make a good quantity of this summertime hedgerow jam.

Chop up the cooking apples, leaving on the skins and also including the cores. These parts will all add additional flavour in the final jam and will be sieved out once cooked. Simmer the apples and sloes for around 25 minutes, stirring during this time to encourage the fruit to break up and become pulpy, and also to prevent any chance of burning.

Leave the mixture to cool down for a few minutes, so that it is easier to handle. Then, scrape it through a sieve, collecting the pulp / puree. This process is best done in small quantities and can be quite a time-consuming and somewhat messy process. Return the sieved sloe and apple pulp to your jam making pan and then add the sugar. Stir this well, so that the sugar is mostly dissolved by the time that you place the pan back onto the heat.

Keep stirring well and bring the jam to a strong boil for 15 minutes. Finally, test its setting potential by spooning some onto a plate that has recently been chilled. If a good setting point has been reached, the jam will quickly show signs of setting, becoming like a soft jelly with a skin that ripples to the touch. If it remains runny, without ripples, boil for longer and then test further samples.

Finally, transfer your slow jam into glass jars (sterilised by washing in a dishwasher or similar). If the surface has some foam or scum present, skim this off before bottling into jars, so that your end result is more attractive and looks more professional.

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