How To Make Sweet Chilli Jam

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Ingredients: Sweet Chilli Jam Recipe

Photo of Red Peppers8 large red peppers (bell peppers)
10 red chillies (or less, according to taste)
1 tin of chopped tomatoes (400 grams)
1 1/2 lb / 750 grams of golden sugar (granulated or caster sugar)
8 1/2 fl oz / 250 ml of red or white wine vinegar
1 tablespoon of grated fresh ginger
2 garlic cloves

Method - What To Do

This is far from being a typical sweet jam and this preserve certainly has a spicy kick to it. Although it is not really something that you would spread on your toast in the morning, it would certainly elevate a bacon or sausage sandwich to a whole new level. It is also the ideal accompaniment to a salad or ploughman's lunch, or perhaps when served with barbecued food.

Photo of ChilliesRemove all of the seeds from the red peppers and roughly chop into large pieces. Place the pieces of red pepper into a food processor, together with the red chillies (intact, with seeds), the garlic cloves and the grated ginger. Turn on the food processor and blend the vegetables until they are finely chopped, with no large chunks remaining.

Add the blended vegetable mix to a large saucepan, combining with the tomatoes, the golden sugar and the wine vinegar. Slowly bring the mixture to a boil, stirring well until all of the sugar has been completely dissolved into the pepper / chilli mixture. Reduce the heat and allow the spicy jam to simmer for roughly 45 minutes, stirring periodically to prevent any burning at the bottom.

As soon as the sweet chilli jam takes on a sticky appearance, you can set your kitchen timer for a further ten minutes. Because so much of the liquid will have evaporated and the mixture reduced, concentrating the flavours, it will start to catch more easily. This means that it should be stirred every minute or so. After ten minutes, remove the pan from the hob and allow the chilli pepper mixture to cool slightly, before spooning or funnelling into jam jars that have just been sterilised.

This sweet chilli jam should last for at least three months in a cool cupboard. Once opened, it should be stored in a fridge and eaten within a week or two.

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