How To Make Tangerine Marmalade

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Ingredients: Tangerine Marmalade Recipe

Photo of Tangerines2 1/2 lb / 1,150 grams of tangerines
1 grapefruit
1 lemon
80 fl oz / 2,350 ml of tap water
1 teaspoon of tartaric acid
3 lb / 1,300 grams of granulated sugar (white sugar)

Method - What To Do

Scrub the citrus fruit well to remove any traces of wax and peel the tangerines. Finely shred all of the tangerine skins and place these in a muslin bag, tying the top to contain them. Peel the lemon and the grapefruit, and mince this peel. If you do not have a mincer, you can blend this peel using a food processor.

Cut up the tangerine, lemon and grapefruit flesh, and place these pieces of citrus fruit in a deep jam making saucepan. Add the muslin bag of shredded lemon, as well as the water and the teaspoon of tartaric acid powder. Simmer the mixture for 30 minutes and then remove the muslin bag, before simmering for a further one and a half hours. When the muslin bag of shredded tangerine is taken out after the first 30 minutes, it should be rinsed in a sieve, drained and left to one side for later use.

After the two hours' worth of cooking, the tangerine, grapefruit and lemon flesh should have softened to become a combined pulp. Strain this pulp through muslin or a freestanding jelly bag, or similar straining device, and leave to drip away for four or five hours, or even better, overnight. Pour the strained juice back into the saucepan and place onto a medium heat. Stir in the sugar and make sure that all of the sugar crystals have been dissolved by the time that your tangerine marmalade begins its boil. Add in the strained shreds of tangerine peel and allow to boil for 15 minutes, stirring a little to prevent the syrup catching on the pan sides or base.

When you feel that the marmalade has boiled its way to a good setting point, test this as you would any jam by spooning some onto a chilled plate. If it starts to set after a minute, becoming wobbly and wrinkly when touched, you will know that it will set well when transferred to your jars. If it stays runny and doesn't perform in this way, boil for another five minutes and re-test some more. Do this until you find the setting point.

When your tangerine marmalade has shown that it is ready to set, remove the pan from the heat of the stove hob and skim off any surface impurities. Allow it to begin to thicken for a few minutes, so that the peel will be more evenly distributed in the set marmalade, and then mix one last time before potting into sterile glass jars.

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